Service Policy

By ordering services from us (Metrosolusindo), you are entrusting your internet service to us. Metrosolusindo serves as an internet service provider for you. In the case of a complaint, we will quickly handle the complaint and find the best solution for your convenience.
In using our services, we may ask you to provide personally identifiable information. The information we request will be used for the purposes as stated in the service policy. We value your trust in providing your personal information to us, therefore we are trying to protect your data.

Service Troubleshoot

Many things can cause disruptions to our service network so that cooperation from the customer side is needed to be able to jointly maintain the condition of the devices on the customer side physically and coordinate the state of the service that is running so that any errors that occur can be handled quickly and precisely. We offer 24/7 assistance for all your complaints on our service. Your comfort is our top priority.
Our company has maximized the protection of services provided to customers with qualified technology. Damage to customer devices caused by viruses (malware, phishing, ransomware) or misuse is beyond our responsibility.
In case of force majeure or unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters and so on, it is not our responsibility and we do not charge it to be your responsibility.


You are expected to properly understand the subscription contract agreement on each service we provide so that there are no misunderstandings that occur in the future. For violation of contract agreement, you fully bear the consequences for the violations.
We reserve the right to terminate service without the obligation to notify you in advance if you violate the agreement in the contract. We reserve the right not to be responsible for material and immaterial losses that you experience as a result of service termination for reasons of infringement.

Service Guarantee

We are not responsible for damage to the device caused by customer error. Any losses that occur due to misuse are the responsibility of the customer. The customer is responsible for the replacement of the damaged device due to customer error.
We provide a different guarantee for each of the services we provide, if the service does not meet the warranty, we provide a refund for the service billing in order to achieve user convenience.

Service Usement

Customers are fully responsible for the actions taken in using / utilizing / relating to our services. We reserve the right not to be held responsible for these acts of abuse.

Children’s Privacy

Services in our company are not intended for children under 18 years of age. If we have personal information from anyone under 18 years of age, we do not knowingly collect that information. If you are a parent and find out that your child has provided us with personal information, please inform us immediately for further action.

Information Collection and Use

We only receive and collect information about customers provided to us, this information includes; names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails and government identification numbers for the purpose of avoiding fraudulent and security activities at our company. This information is also used for analysis and understanding of our service users. We do not collect your information without the customer's consent. We disclose your information for certain purposes and to third parties to maximize the services provided to you.

Policy Update

We will update this policy periodically in response to changes in legal, regulatory and / or operational requirements. We will not notify you of changes to this policy statement so hopefully you will be able to open and read periodically about this policy. The most recent changes to this policy can be found on the last page in the “Last updated” section.

Last Updated : 27 Mei 2021